Sup. You can call me Kai. Just ranting on the web. Must as well...better than bingeing on junk/emoing/wasting time basically etc. when life gets stressful, sometimes i need an avenue to destress. i have no idea how ranting on a blog can be effective. but i kinda like writing so mayb i shld pen down my thoughts. It is quite refreshing sometimes :) dont bother finding out who i am. it's a secret. and we can be secret friends too. email me: =)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011

yo im back. been a while. i have decided to write here since i jus spent the last hr emoing, unable to start work. this sucks. im freaking down. im screwing all my exams up.  u know how they say we are the authors of our lives?

I must be a bad writer then

Monday, 19 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Can't wait for this to end. I cant wait to hang out with my friends and start trng. Life begins...SOON. COMEON me!!! GO ME!!! ugh. 11.30pm now. need to force myself to sleep at 12am. or else my mind will go blank tmr like how it went last friday =(


P.S I think it is hormones or wtv. but i am missing someone~
STOP SEX TRAFFICKING!!! i am going to help put a stop to this shit.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

i am so weird. i think i miss him...actually i do. but i dun feel like initiating the conversation. u know what. i think its because i have to mug so part of me dun feel like talking coz it will def takes up alot of my mugging time which i freakin need. conclusion: i miss him... omg. but i am pretty sure i only miss him as a friend...nth more yknow. like a close friend. yes. he is a very close friend of mine. we bunked out last a backpacking hostel haha. we rented the family room for 98 bucks in town. it was so cool. we stayed up, talked. chilled at wendys. strolled the deserted town. it was awesome. i think no one would actually do that with me. and with a guy...haha so cool huh. i think it is damn cool to have a friend of the opp gender...but only if feelings do not develop for each other.

sigh. i hate to admit this.......................but maybe i am so superficial tht sometimes i only care about looks :/ but srsly i hate my square face. dont get me wrong. he's cute :) i miss him but i also feel tht this feeling is not love.

why do i have so many confusing thoughts :( this sucks. i'd better get on with revision.

I dont know.
natalie imbruglia is so pretty!!! :O oh my gawd T_T and also kim ah joong. oh how i wish i am as hot ._.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mugging...what else.

just had math paper. as usual, im back at the library again , trying to start on my math coz theres another 3h math paper tmr. 3h may seem long but during the paper it doesnt even seem like 3hs... shld hav given us like 4h. i think i spent too long on the first few questions bleargh. im listening to 'out of goodbyes' by maroon five now. it's nice! really relaxing and it's good for listening during mugging sessions haha. cheers.


p.s i kept looking up coz my neck is getting tired and the guy in front of me thinks im looking at him geez.

p.p.s wasted so much time oogling at luxurious resorts last night. LOL. srsly i shld visit those 1000 dollars per night resort one day.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The chem paper was impossible. Worst paper ever. Sad face. Ciao i shall go mug math now.

Monday, 12 September 2011

I screwed up:-( bio is the hardest subject ever i am soooooooo annoyed. Bleh. I jus hate my life now...:( i have a feeling im gg to emo like this until 1st dec lol or mayb i will kp doin unless i do well in As :( i just dont understand man. I need more nice songs to keep me sane. Drop me a note at my gmail (refer to v first post) if u hv any strong recommendations lol. Ok im out.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

hi ok i am going to say something rly pathetic. here goes... WELCOME TO MY BLOG, MY FIRST READER (from Germany if i may add. Assuming the blogspot stats is accurate lol) !!! =D ok ciao. i shall update my blog everyday. Stay tune! Next up: emo time.

what do i do in such a shituation

argh my comp is lagging. anyway im officially super duper pissed off with the situation i am in now. bldy exams tmr and oh crap i spent the morning oogling at funny images. lol. anyway im srsly dam fat now. killing me. and i havent been training. anyway i had better stop man coz i needa let my stress frac heal completely. anyway im damn fat and it kills me coz i need to sit on a chair and study the whole day. crap absolutely pissed off. idk if my effort will even translate to results. upset :( do u guys mug so hard but only to get shitty results too? sometimes i feel like im wasting my time studying man. screw this shit. i hate my life (now). coz my life is going to be so v awesome on 1st dec. tht is my motivation. everytime i get so stressed and annoyed and how screwed up i am all this shit i need to go through , i remind myself of the freedom tht i will soon get to enjoy.

Anyway i shldnt be thinking of this coz the only thing i ought to be doing is mugging. and thus i shldnt even be typing this out. whatever anyway i was just wondering if it is possible for a guy and a girl to remain as friends. I have this guy friend whom i think likes me (alot) (srsly not being ego here) and i thought so. so to prevent any misunderstanding, i hinted to him tht we shld be rly gd frens man like i think it wld be cool to be real gd frens... haha tht is such a big hint right? tt i dun wanna be in a r/s with him. But tht isnt to say i dont like him though. i like him but i feel that my feelings are not the kind u have when u r truly in love. But then again, im not in love so i wldnt exactly know how it feels like. anyway the thing is, i think we r prob gg to go out rly v frequently once my exams are over coz he rly wants to go out with me man (as a fren thts what he said too. but he only said tht coz i said i wanted to remain as friends). ya. so im kinda in a dilemma whether to go out with him or not. but the thing is, since i alr hinted tht i wanted to remain as frens, i am just going to go out with him and tht he shld not assume tt we r going out on dates. also because i dont wanna lose him as a friend you know. he is such a nice guy (again, i dont know if he is being nice to me coz he likes me) and it is hard to find friends like him! hahaha. okok i will stop blabbering on. anyway, if u r a guy reading this, please confess to the girl you like that you like her ok? it is very frustrating for the girl !!! hahahahaaa. srsly i think this guy friend of mine likes me , alot. at first i liked him too...but i realized it was just a passing crush kinda feeling. lol. love is complicated.




Saturday, 10 September 2011

This is my number 5478249234th blog. haha. I dont know why I keep creating blogs and abandoning them. I sure hope this will be the last blog im creating. anyway i started this blog to keep a log on some of the random snippets of my life and my thoughts along the way. Do leave a comment and tell me what you think! Anyway I live in Singapore and am taking the A levels this year. I am not going to be too detailed about my life as I intend to keep my identity a secret haha. I am going to be as abstract as possible if i do make links to my daily experiences lololol. I got to go study now. Bio is draining me like mad. Seriously. =( <-----my exact expression now. ciao.

P.S email me at if you need a friend to talk to/talk rubbish/whatever. cheersssssss